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My intelligence had always been above par with most people around me. For their sake, I used to hold myself back.. Stooping down to their level of intellect, so that they could understand me, be comfortable around me. I lived in this fake world and I don't know when, I also started changing from all this pretending.. Losing my brilliance.. Becoming one of them.. But then I met you. I assumed you to be one of them and tried the same approach, but you didn't waste time, trashing my assumption. You were always there to understand my quick jokes, sarcasm and hidden meanings behind my cryptic messages. You understood me like no one else.. Maybe, even better than myself.. You were unpredictable. It's not that I failed to understand you.. It's just that you were too fun to be around. You always made me wish nervously, that you act as I hope you do.. And you never failed my expectations.. You brought colours to my boring life.. There's never been one like you and never will be..
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intelligence par people sake hold stooping level intellect comfortable lived fake world started changing pretending losing brilliance met assumed approach waste time trashing assumption quick jokes sarcasm hidden meanings cryptic messages understood unpredictable understand fun nervously act hope failed expectations brought colours boring life

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