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My success in life has been mainly due to my honesty! and fate of course! I accept what is of me and I go forward and embrace whatever my mind is thinking and where I feel and know I must go and be! I stand as a champion and sit as someone who is at peace! And I know that everything I say and do is necessary for myself and other people! I don't hide behind manipulative tricks as those who work on websites or cheat and use apps to counter other people they're jealous of and know they can't beat! Your saintliness dies when you enter or play the game of your so-called enemy! If you can't relativize and you don't believe in that law you're wasting your soul away from it's good! You're becoming a devil and you don't even realize it! We all may have devil but you become the evil more so over the good! You gotta do good in this world! The more you double-team people, especially innocent ones as myself, the more it will come back to you! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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success life due honesty fate accept embrace mind thinking feel stand champion sit peace hide manipulative tricks work websites cheat apps counter jealous beat saintliness dies enter play game called enemy relativize law wasting soul realize devil evil gotta good world double team people innocent joshua aaron guillory

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