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No Flower To Grow In Red Oh! wither away ethnic loyalties, Algorithm for us is human root, Under the sky man belongs to one God, In breeze, we're all alike to coexist, All optic created to know in wondering, War drags family to grave and love in stare, It naked my hope to see you as man to hate, And casted me alone in rambling, Sahara desert could only dehydrate tears of sea, I could see you as Hausa but I must be happy to hold rainbow of Igbo like lavender state, I could whisper my peace for brother we are, And you pat with paradise of frat as one, I could feel your wounds like that of mother to mollycoddle, Who could divide us without greedy for self, Who to divide the sky without his grave gushing red and lies in dust? No flower to grow in red, Written with quill of peace and hope, If state is stale, strike in soften, And fill the sea with ink not Squall of red, Mirror your face with sorrow undeceived for where he faces. For hoof of horse that smashes beehives, To its hoof fragile w
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wither ethnic loyalties algorithm human root belongs god breeze alike coexist optic created wondering war drags family love stare naked man hate casted rambling sahara desert dehydrate tears hausa happy hold rainbow igbo lavender whisper brother pat paradise frat feel wounds mother mollycoddle greedy divide sky grave gushing lies dust flower grow written quill peace hope state stale strike soften fill sea ink squall red mirror face sorrow undeceived faces horse smashes beehives hoof fragile

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