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Old man sitting on the handle of his giant sword. Which is stuck in the ground. He cuts them the land, the sword of war, who drinks human blood, he divides everything in the country, the nation and even race, approaching people who like to inflict pain and suffering of others. From his sword suddenly became very black, was leaking a lot of human blood, and opened the darkness and eerie, frightening moans and cries from which the animals fled in terror and flew away birds. And where was cut earth opened an abyss of human violence and out of the ground and was bleeding and from there also heard moans and cries. Everyone who was once associated with violence, and war: war, soldiers, bandits, barbarians, gangsters. All the damned souls of violence, all kinds and types of violence and war out of the land, and the sword. Stupid people refused to obey, and to lay down weapons, they said they wanted to continue to hurt people. And the sword emits a terrible, negative energy, swallowed up their
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man sitting handle giant stuck cuts drinks divides country nation race approaching inflict pain suffering suddenly black leaking lot blood darkness eerie frightening animals fled terror flew birds cut earth opened abyss human ground bleeding heard moans cries soldiers bandits barbarians gangsters damned souls kinds types violence war land stupid refused obey lay weapons wanted continue hurt people sword emits terrible negative energy swallowed

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