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[ONE LAST CHANCE].......... As each day goes by, the only thing on my mind is the fact that you are gone. I know I made mistakes, I know you were hurt and the sad part of it all you can't read this. How I wish I could take time back just to have that chance and start everything a fresh,! Yes I said I am sorry , but my apology does not seem to be good enough. All I am asking for is one more chance to prove to you the better me. Though your mind is already made up, but I hope someday this gets to you. All I wanted is for my cry to be heard and if I had to scream it louder even on top of a mountain ! I would do it with no hesitation. Unfortunately all I want to say is what you do not want to hear but which I will repeat with out any fear. I am sorry....... E.Kitsa
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day fact mistakes hurt sad part read time start fresh apology good chance prove mind hope wanted cry heard scream louder top mountain hesitation hear repeat fear kitsa

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