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One-sided love is not love. It’s torture. It’s waiting for something that might never happen. It’s looking at someone who doesn’t see you. It’s thinking about someone day and night while you probably never cross their mind. It’s looking at your phone hoping they’d text you or call you as they call someone else. It’s reaching out to them with so much fervor as they respond with indifference. One-sided love is not love. It’s a battlefield. You’re battling your emotions. You’re battling your feelings. You’re battling reality. You’re battling everything people are telling you and believing your fantasies. You’re battling your own intuition. Your gut. Your logic. Your heart. It’s a battle you can’t win. A war you can’t stop. It’s losing over and over again. It’s surrendering to something that will eventually destroy you. One-sided love is not love. It’s heartbreak. It’s one person giving and the other one is taking. It’s one person loving and the other is not even moved. It’s one person alw
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torture waiting happen doesn thinking day night cross mind phone hoping text call reaching fervor respond indifference battlefield emotions feelings reality people telling believing fantasies battling intuition gut logic heart battle win war stop losing surrendering eventually destroy sided love heartbreak giving loving moved person alw

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