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Only the great Deity knows tomorrow To share in its nature that you do Oh the loins of warriors and the brave From you I tap the resolute determination I cannot see. He that fights to live another day cuts beyond the boundary of today Resolute! Resolute!! Bonhomie only of it in gush I have and not a regret. Bravery extended beyond my palm Come and let me swim to meet the future I intend to have Like my gone bonviveur a father--Captain Oluwole. I can Amaechilise, daring the Jonatharians that open to swallow …For the Buharimorrow I live to hold If I die, I die But I do not die Am a man that dies another day! -------- A poem written in honor of the Former Governor of Rivers State of Nigeria--Honourable Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi
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great deity tomorrow share nature loins warriors brave tap determination fights cuts boundary today resolute bonhomie gush regret bravery extended palm swim meet future intend bonviveur father captain oluwole amaechilise daring jonatharians open swallow buharimorrow live hold die man dies day poem written honor governor rivers state nigeria honourable rotimi chibuike amaechi

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