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Part 1 In this city, a ghost, an amusement park, in an old, abandoned circus freaks, combined with circus freaks. In the children's playgrounds, in the territory of fairs, are tracing pictures everywhere especially dangerous offender being unknown to science, the amazing mystery of nature and psychology itself. The photograph of the acquisition (signaleticheskoy) taking pictures with a tablet, which photographed the dark side of the personality. There is rampant plague called selfish thinking. There's no one survives even philanthropists masked under the name: plague doctor, and on the pavement, and somewhere in the abandoned buildings circled line carcasses positive personalities lurking in you, who called you to do good. The city police emergency lights shine everywhere, and somewhere far away at times sounded a police siren and everywhere yellow, crime, police tape fence. Only doppelganger here laughing frightening laugh that echoed across the city, whistling his merry melody sinful
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part ghost amusement park combined circus freaks children playgrounds territory fairs tracing dangerous offender unknown science amazing mystery nature psychology photograph acquisition signaleticheskoy pictures tablet photographed dark side personality rampant selfish thinking survives philanthropists masked plague doctor pavement abandoned buildings circled line carcasses positive personalities lurking called good emergency lights shine times sounded siren yellow crime police tape fence doppelganger laughing frightening laugh echoed city whistling merry melody sinful

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