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Part 1 Information from dreams: when you are born in paradise, there God gives out tasks to all. Then in the labyrinth of Osiris, everyone chooses the body, all are terribly fighting for the most beautiful bodies, and there are very few of them, this body for all lives, you can not be reborn in another field. You fall into the tummy of your mother in the form of a small asterisk. When you are reborn, you erase your memory, that you would forget all the hatred and love from a past life, but they can not erase your subconscious. There are great knowledge and secrets about you, thoughts that are insisted as wine, mixed with the absurdity of delusions. This explains your deja vu because of reincarnation. When you die, you are in chains, and you are waiting for your turn in a terrible court. Before you expose all who have offended you, and the angel asks you, will you forgive them? Just forgive them, do not be like your abusers, be above their abominations. And then you are put among the ac
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