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Part 2 merry melody sinful dishonesty, with a toy badge sheriff's police on his chest, in cowboy boots with spurs, with a toy baby pistol in a holster, it's your own child a gun with a flag , with the inscription: bang. Who flies right into your hand. In this play area on the territory of the dark side of the personality throughout American red fire hydrants and fire alarm systems that extinguish the anger in this area, which is also used hypnotic gas. Throw it surviving light beings who are conscience. Dying, giving them at the mercy of life itself by firing them in a boxing glove on a spring, a huge cage materialistic idealism, which contains psevdorealizme, chock-full of ridiculous illusions, hallucinations and mirages of immoral, selfish thinking. In a huge cage for a hamster to a maze, house, wheel, trough, ladder, people addicted to it with a vile mockery he throws dog toys, they are in an unusual building in the shape of cat's game complex. Trapped there are children of differen
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part merry melody sinful dishonesty badge sheriff police chest cowboy boots spurs toy baby pistol holster child gun flag inscription bang flies hand play territory dark side personality american red hydrants fire alarm systems extinguish anger area hypnotic gas throw surviving light beings conscience dying giving mercy life firing boxing glove spring materialistic idealism psevdorealizme chock full ridiculous illusions hallucinations mirages immoral selfish thinking huge cage hamster maze house wheel trough ladder people addicted vile mockery throws dog toys unusual building shape cat game complex trapped children differen

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