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Part 3 Trapped there are children of different ages from the scout and pioneer camp system of the society. Wiping his tears, they look at your nobody wanted Scout Belt, which contains a bunch of icons that enhance their life social status. Those who eventually died under the open hatch, where the corpse falls in litter box, whose body is immersed in the sand, thus going to the light. A doppelganger himself, lives in a building in the shape of the shoe. As a token of gratitude from the dark forces, he with the help of the kitchen lift him send bumpkin pure, hedonistic sex dream is food (food sex or food porn), naked, luxury Woman, Body of which a lot of food. He lives in the children's room of immaturity, that is in the children's play area, which comes down to using the fire pole on his wall scoreboard, where the account is maintained between the light side and the dark side of the personality of the individual. From the one who wins will decide the fate of the soul that will go either
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part trapped ages pioneer camp system society wiping tears wanted scout belt bunch icons enhance life social status eventually died open hatch corpse falls litter box immersed sand doppelganger building shape shoe token gratitude forces kitchen lift send bumpkin pure hedonistic dream sex porn naked luxury woman body lot food lives room immaturity children play area fire pole wall scoreboard account maintained light dark side personality individual wins decide fate soul

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