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Poems: Your charming charm - it's super sexy mega power that simply can not be overcome. Gourmet sweetest, love your luxurious body when I see you in my head sounds only one word: yum, you will give yourself fully. I will always love you just subconsciously, unconsciously, your erotic image gentle sat down in the depths of my mind completely. From your amazingly contagious beauty opens his mouth and lost the power of speech. Dizzying, stunningly beautiful, you're like a giant tornado, which all attracted to you. And the heart and soul yearn all the time just for you. No matter you love me or not, the important thing is that I still love you, and in my subconscious, I will always love only you. Your luxurious appearance of the highest quality, it is a workshop, filigree work of Mother Nature, it is a masterpiece, which is a unique example of true beauty, you have no equal, you're a girl of high caliber. You to the extent absolutely beautiful, so beautiful and exotic, erotic and poetic s
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poems charming charm super sexy mega simply overcome gourmet sweetest body head sounds word yum give fully subconsciously unconsciously image gentle sat depths mind completely amazingly contagious opens mouth lost power speech dizzying stunningly giant tornado attracted heart soul yearn time matter important subconscious love luxurious appearance highest quality workshop filigree work mother nature masterpiece unique true beauty equal girl high caliber extent absolutely beautiful exotic erotic poetic

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