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Preachers are able to get into men and women's minds, or member's minds, by sexualizing their thought, or with their thought! Sexualizing is agreeing in thought - when two thought or feelings or more come together, even one's own! I've had the best sex with my thought. Some of you are in my thoughts - and I love the sex I've experienced in dreams, and with some of you! My thoughts are your thoughts, and vice versa. I'm having sex with you in thought. And with many of you it's good! I'm tapping that thought-ass! And to some degree every person or thought I've thought is good! Unite or intimatize/intimate in thought - and pleasant thought - and it will be good - your experience and outcome will be good. And of course that may include the relativity or purpose of not only your thoughts but other people's thought, and thought about you! Your thoughts and people's thoughts must become one to create any long-lasting and pure or pleasant experience or purpose with them.- Joshua Aaron Guillory
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preachers men women member minds sexualizing agreeing feelings love experienced dreams vice versa sex tapping ass degree person unite intimatize intimate outcome good include relativity thought people thoughts create long lasting pure pleasant experience purpose joshua aaron guillory

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