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Psychogenetics is such that because of this aerial pipe of arrogance no one can touch the bottom of the reality of philanthropy. It shows us that the self-esteem of different peoples is reminiscent of the Brazilian carnival. Looking at the greed of people, you see a contest of food. Realizing that in which world you live, you want sometimes to hide in a long hat cylinder, hide from shame. In Chinese lanterns for children of different ages, from the youngest to the oldest, only materialism and greed. But having seen the rare phenomenon of reality, the name to which unselfish nobility, the way of which paves the light in the darkness of selfishness, its muscular spirit tears the tissue of the universe and reality is torn in beautiful colors of truth. Looking at it, the ground beneath our feet is inclined when we are in ourselves. Take this screwdriver of truth, destroy the thinking of selfishness. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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psychogenetics aerial pipe arrogance touch bottom philanthropy shows esteem peoples reminiscent brazilian carnival people contest food realizing world live long hat cylinder hide shame chinese lanterns children ages youngest oldest materialism greed rare phenomenon unselfish nobility paves light darkness muscular spirit tears tissue universe reality torn beautiful colors ground beneath feet inclined screwdriver truth destroy thinking selfishness author musin almat zhumabekovich

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