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QUOTES BY Okocha (YGS).BSG.FDr. 1. Is only hardworking can lead man to the mountain of success. 2. Life is too short to be spend frowning, so be happy all time 3. Never you brag with what you have, for there are all rent 4. Givers earn better than takers 5. The hard narrow way is the way to success 6. Success cannot be achieve if your efforts are not enough 7. 365days is a journey, is only the fittest can double it. 8. Always believe that tomorrow will be better than today. 9. Always believe that you are born to succeed 10. Fear is evil, its deprive your right 11. You can not be better when you are not good 12. Sleep is the younger brother of death 13. Be bold in whatever you are doing, don't shy away your potentials 14. You can't solve your problems if you don't have the possible solutions 15. Never you give up in anything Yyou are doing 16. Knowledge is the father of all creativity 17. Science is a knowledge that will forever live with great effects 18. Use your brain don't allow it
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