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Religionists have exposed themselves as the devil himself. These people do all kinds of dirty dark stuff when they don't like you. Members of the searchquotes staff in the ''popular section'' have failed on many attempts to get me off their site. Their site is God's site. Ha-ha! You must accept people with different views or suffer the torture of a tarnished reputation. I'm the guy you don't mess with. I'm the guy who can say the word ''threat'' and never get in trouble for it. Anybody bother me, I'm gone expose you one day in the court of public opinion, mercilessly. I told you, my truth is relative. It's all about relativity, truth, and perception. My judgment is just. I forgive you! I ''give'' entry ''for'' you to be exposed. And with love, too! And I will still love you like nothing ever happened, which is true forgiveness. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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