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#sad,I'm losing it....all my life I've been trynna satisfy my creed but my creed keeps attracting my greed,I keep smiling and pouting hoping things will rhyme but my smile is rare,smatthering and handful,pettyful that I'm surrounded by people who got hatred.....I'm revelation,I'm levitation,I represent an entire generetion...hesitation,examination leads to my domination,this mission has leaded to fiction,I have this dehydration and thirst that keeps me thighseptical...I'm a demagogue that will lead a mortagogue and be considered a true gogue like Martin Luther King jnr......I hvae arrived in a nation with a generation that keeps de-arriving our arrival in this river of success,they said I had the ability to survive they called what I was doing surviving then they called me a survivor which still had this minor,for poverty who roams our street the district shall never change as we are the tomorrow the nation won't see sorrow
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sad losing life trynna satisfy creed attracting greed smiling pouting hoping rhyme smile rare smatthering handful pettyful surrounded people hatred revelation levitation represent entire generetion hesitation examination leads domination mission leaded fiction dehydration thirst thighseptical demagogue lead mortagogue considered true gogue martin luther king jnr hvae arrived generation arriving arrival river success ability survive surviving called survivor minor poverty roams street district change tomorrow nation sorrow

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