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Shall I compare you to an harmattan? That act more passionate by its own hot wind, Do hurl sand to wayfarers in audacious end of time, But harmattan's too short by its twist of months to last, Sometimes too temperate her bliss glance, And much its unique approaches so obscure, And every sunny day dwindle in strength to act, By attributes of nature in changing of course, Oh! drench your deed with moral of love, Nor lose attributes of wind that dry the wet, And keep the compact of your own diffuses act, When in last day you may be in bliss with me, Let me not breathing through your fog And let wayfarers respire without their scrowl.
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compare passionate hot hurl sand audacious time harmattan short twist months temperate glance unique approaches obscure sunny dwindle strength nature changing drench deed moral love lose attributes wind dry wet compact diffuses act day bliss breathing fog wayfarers respire scrowl

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