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Show Me My Friends It rain with my voice in tear, As I walk through crowd of the city, All blind and deaf to mine nor rain, Alone to weep for burning my love, Make the rain to stop kissing my pain with lie, For orphan of time in rag day, All time only to smirks to me while shivering from love ones hacked by machete, Tell me how to wake and scream for my friends! Show me a father like mine rotted to be sketch, Or mother planted in red like scarecrow, Are the crowd busy with time? Have they see what I saw? Are their flesh that of wood to pain? Is my quaver that of mad at crowd? If time comes like mine, And city roar in flame, And tune rhyme with shooting, And streets with vultures of kinds, Will crowd see my tear is that of fear, And my voice already impaired tear, For rain to never make the be deaf again, And rush to me help. For reaching there, is a passage to here.
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walk blind weep burning stop kissing lie orphan rag day smirks shivering love hacked machete wake scream friends show father rotted sketch mother planted red scarecrow busy flesh wood pain quaver mad time city roar flame tune rhyme shooting streets vultures kinds crowd fear voice impaired tear rain deaf rush reaching passage

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