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Smile of awareness the second part From the face break other smiling people while in a special state of mind. In the head a narrowed third eye suspects all the traitors, attached to the head are electric wires linking to reality, with its whisper. In the giant smile that opens to the world lies the smiling mighty power of the smiling eyes of the light side of the person. The body and soul are bursting and there are crazy smiles too, the body opens, and there is a portal to an amazing world. Sometimes a smile turns into a spiral of thoughts, when a person withdraws from himself, they are rejected from external values, plunging into spirituality, and then circling around themselves, immersing themselves in their own self. Part of the body is a cloak in which other forms of mood are hidden. The body has ten smiling tailings of sycophants sent by the dark side of the person. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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awareness face break people special state mind narrowed eye suspects traitors attached head electric wires linking reality whisper giant lies mighty power eyes light soul bursting crazy smiles opens portal amazing world smile turns spiral thoughts withdraws rejected external values plunging spirituality circling immersing part cloak forms mood hidden body ten smiling tailings sycophants dark side person author musin almat zhumabekovich

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