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Society has lost its mind & moving further & further away from sanity! There was a guy in my city who allegedly killed himself by putting himself into a grinder! & it seems no one cares enough to question or look into the atrocious & inhumane treatment/condition of society! First off, the job he was working at is insane! The overwork & long hours - this place should be shut down! Most every job in America should be shut down/the operation changed! One preacher/pastor, from what I've been told, had the audacity to say that he was in Hades [Hell] at his funeral! This man sacrificed his life & I'm pretty sure he's in a place the opposite of Hades! He's in heaven! Peace/the unconsciousness of nothingness! Jesus, the made-up figure in the Bible, committed suicide! Just like Isaiah, the guy who allegedly killed himself, Jesus sacrificed his life to bring an awakening to human beings - to the atrocious things that are happening - to free men from their awful condition! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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