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(The Devil, God, World Peace 2 of 10) I also point the statement it takes a devil to know a devil out because I emailed myself this quote with my name attached to it [of course] at 3:39 PM! with the words ''or not'' with it! Why is this important? Because if someone did say or take that quote around that time then that would have meant they were connected with the email company/organization [or of the company/organization] I have an account with and [thus] emailed myself with, or it could have been a so-called coincidence! and when I say coincidence I don't necessarily mean Wayne Dyer's interpretation, or only his interpretation, but what many of you call ''luck.'' Whatever be the case, or is the case, it's good to record that information! You never know when it could come in handy/maybe you do! ha-ha! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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god world peace point statement takes devil attached words important time meant connected email company organization account emailed called coincidence necessarily wayne dyer interpretation call luck case good record information handy joshua aaron guillory

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