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"The grand stage of life scheme is nothing without the audience of mindless beings, but just one in the croud with sight unseen to the ones that have conducted the pre show and curtains closed, will always see you the cowards of filth and beings of arrogance for that one is just another nothing in your scheme, an anomaly infinitely non extinguishable. The game is not over yet arrogance tells you other wise. But the All truth is a scheme is always a scheme to end in fire so bright no stage will stand, just human kind with open mind and a new start with knowledge no longer in the dark. Exposure is on the schemer's of man brought on by there selfves in arrogance of their creation to be truth. All truth is no one being or beings are in control, but LIFE has a long history over man, life is chaos with forward movement's in all directions infinitly. The end of man is not the end of life but a new end to the control of human kind. And control is a self lie for the schemer not to be as a child
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grand audience mindless croud sight unseen conducted pre show curtains closed cowards filth anomaly infinitely extinguishable game tells wise scheme fire bright stage stand open mind start knowledge longer dark exposure brought selfves arrogance creation truth beings long history chaos movement directions infinitly man life human kind control lie schemer child

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