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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was right about the Blacks obtaining economic empowerment! This is being achieved currently and since the beginning and before the beginning of the world! They are dividing and conquering. Dividing and conquering themselves in the schools of philosophy or thought. Every art or science known to man they have infiltrated and recovered or rediscovered for themselves. They're integrating and segregating at the same time. Unknown and known to some of them they are taking over the world. Creating large numbers of soldiers and branches on the battlefield. From all angles they come. And Elijah Muhammad, the Messenger, was right about only Blacks being in Mecca. There is only one color: Black. The consciousness of everyone. When the so-called Whites or self-deceivers awaken to their Black selves they will be graced from the judgment of sin [ignorance]. Watching ''Black Panther,'' every man and woman on earth should have seen themselves. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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honorable obtaining economic empowerment achieved beginning dividing conquering schools philosophy thought art science infiltrated recovered rediscovered integrating segregating time unknown world creating large numbers soldiers branches battlefield angles elijah muhammad messenger blacks mecca color consciousness called whites deceivers awaken graced judgment sin ignorance watching black panther man woman earth joshua aaron guillory

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