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The problem with many of you is that when you can't tolerate, equal up to or understand someone or something, or feel you can't any of those things, you start viewing the person, situation, thing or idea as crazy, impossible, evil, or inaccessibly God-divine. Maybe my ability to relativize every situation to my freedom, happiness or peace is beyond you or the way you currently live your life or think! Maybe I'm more holy, righteous and just than all of you in that sense - in that degree of consciousness. Maybe you ought to grease up your anal-thoughts and let me stick my cock-of-intelligence in your ass-soul. Just open it wide enough to listen, hear and understand! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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problem tolerate equal feel start viewing person idea crazy impossible evil inaccessibly god divine ability relativize situation freedom happiness peace live life holy righteous sense degree consciousness grease anal thoughts stick cock intelligence ass soul open wide listen hear understand joshua aaron guillory

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