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The problem with ''winners never quit'' is that a winner can quit one game and win another! And some people won't quit losing, or so it appears! ha-ha! I'm the wisest, most brilliant, most lofty, and yet the most humble! I am that I am! perfect! A loser can be a winner at losing! A winner can be a winner at winning and losing! And so can a loser! ha-ha! my thoughts are a zillion! infinitely rich and bright in the perfection of the words! in the perfection of world peace! And a winner can be a winner at losing! And likewise with a loser! I think the true winner sees beyond games! And therefore if his life is called a game, he's the perfect winner! He sees his life as a beautiful dream! a perfect dream! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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problem winners win people quit appears wisest brilliant lofty humble winning thoughts zillion infinitely rich bright words perfection world peace losing loser true games called game winner sees life beautiful perfect dream joshua aaron guillory

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