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There is only one Consciousness, the Allah or Christ consciousness! yet he reveals himself as many yet remaining the one! He can be a Father and He can be a Son! He can be a Mother and He can be a Daughter! He is all things and all things are Him! She is all things and all things are Her! He is the Sun and the Moon and the light thereof! He is the space and wind and fire thereof! He is the Mind the Thought and the Revelation! He is the invisible, the visible, and the physical! He is the awareness, the idea, and the manifestation! He is the emptiness, the power, and the strength! He is the law of relativity! He is World peace! He is the same and difference! He is the penis and the vagina! He is my penis in your asshole! He is clean sex when it's called dirty sex! He is naughty and He is haughty! He is humble and He loves to mumble! He is unity and He is diversity! He is urine and He is doo-doo! He is 69 and He is 32! He loves to fuck me and He loves to fuck you! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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allah christ consciousness reveals remaining father son mother daughter sun moon light space wind fire thereof mind thought revelation invisible visible physical awareness idea manifestation emptiness power strength law relativity world peace difference vagina penis asshole clean called dirty sex naughty haughty humble mumble unity diversity urine doo loves fuck joshua aaron guillory

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