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There was no camera or a real.... All the phenomenon was of heartily feel... .. Imperfect but full of enthusiasm and zeal.. Two souls circumscribed with merrily seal... I imagined us like carts of wheel... One apart one cannot be a part of the deal... But it all perished within a moment of seconds.... It all seemed like a touch of tangents... Though I made you the crown of mine.. Still you took all my Glee and shine... I lavished my love on a smirk of you... On every single lie lurking words of you. It all took off and landed in a while... Making whole of my life mere a exile...
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camera real phenomenon heartily feel imperfect full enthusiasm zeal souls circumscribed merrily seal imagined carts wheel part deal perished moment seconds touch tangents crown glee shine lavished love smirk single lie lurking words landed making life mere exile

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