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THIS IS FOR ALL MY SISTERS: My strong sisters, the hustlers, the rich sisters, the single mothers, the married sisters, the divorced sisters, those whose relationship status is pending you are all worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. You are still standing, you are still keepin it together, you are still smiling yet you have been through so much. You have cried alone at night, you have stayed awake worried sick, you have been disregarded, your efforts sometimes unappreciated, you have been lied to, cheated on, robbed, gone through all kinds of emotional and physical pain and at some point you wondered why you. At some point you observed other people living their lives to the fullest and wondered what you did wrong not to deserve that but here's the thing, YOU are the strongest that God could find to put in that situation. He examined other candidates and found that you were the best for that situation. He knew you would be able to handle it, He knew you wouldnt break,
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strong hustlers rich single mothers married divorced sisters relationship status pending worth give credit standing keepin smiling cried night stayed awake worried sick disregarded efforts unappreciated lied cheated robbed kinds emotional physical pain point observed people living lives fullest wondered wrong deserve strongest god find examined candidates situation handle knew wouldnt break

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