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This Is Me Thinkin Bout You...Thinkin About The Words You Said And Every Thing We Did...This Is Me Missing You...Missing You Cause It's Been So Long Since I Felt The Feel Of Your Soft Hands On My Skin...This Is Me Dreaming About You...Dreaming About That First Night And The Way You Say My Name...This Is Me Wanting You...Wanting You To Hold Me & Tell Me You Love Me & That Everything Is Going To Be Okay...This Is Me Needing You...Needing You Cause You're My Drug And Im The Feenin Drug Addict...This Is Me When You're Not Here...Not Here To Keep Me Warm At Night...This Is Me Without Your Love...Without Your Love Cause Of Life's Complications & Road Blocks That Life Has In Store...But Remember That No Matter What I'll Always Love You...Nothing Will EVER Change That Baby...Not Anything In This Whole World...You're Everything To Me...Baby Soon It's Just Gonna Be You And Me,The Way It's Supposed To Be!!!!
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bout thinkin words missing long felt feel soft hands skin dreaming wanting hold needing feenin drug addict warm night complications road blocks life store remember matter love change world baby gonna supposed

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