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TOWERS ON PAPER Whole skyscrapers on a paper, Business bulwarks of networks to all, In them feet all day for trade But it framed on paper of tricks, You amazing seeing a city in new century with towers Blinking in argon like a city of paradise, Yet engraved with sea of tear, For whole world on paper beneath water, With surprised their names are called, All adhered to shocked in sinking, For the paper of evil in foundation, Its poses changing like pregnated woman, Phew! the paper towers on water, Like home, hostel, hotel, hospital, The builders in pocket of billions, But the limestone as a paper, All being desired for it wants endowed by nature, But the contractors with a palms devil, Casted our desired into gravetowers, Epitomes of wonder in debris of tears For they're artificer to pocket, They deceived humanity and Allah shall questioned, Icons they are, Powerful like horse in act, On our map their hoofs thudding, Our tears they sailed, For unbridle the horses, For institutions are am
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skyscrapers business bulwarks networks feet day trade framed tricks amazing century blinking argon city paradise engraved sea tear world beneath surprised names called adhered shocked sinking evil foundation poses changing pregnated woman phew towers water home hostel hotel hospital builders billions limestone paper endowed nature contractors palms devil casted desired gravetowers epitomes debris artificer pocket deceived humanity allah questioned icons powerful horse act map hoofs thudding tears sailed unbridle horses institutions

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