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(TRUTH-1 6/8) I remember years ago I shared with people, which was before I put in on Poemhunter that first time I was on there with an account, about people who claim that they're free from work on their off days! I explained how they were still slaves/living as slaves! whether that was their days off from work, including vacation, & the time they get off from work! & I gave the analogy of someone in prison being released from their prison cell to go out into the prison yard for 10, 20, 30 minutes to an hour, not only do they have to go back to their prison cell but obviously their still in prison! Not only do you have to go back to your job but obviously you're thinking about your job when you're off [or when you're not even there]. So if you hate you're job you're a slave to it! because you have to think about going back since of course you keep going back up until now if you've been at that job for a certain period of time! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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truth remember years shared poemhunter account people claim free explained living slaves days including vacation work gave analogy released yard minutes hour cell prison thinking hate slave job period time joshua aaron guillory

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