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(TRUTH-1 7/8) & even if you love your work to some degree you're a slave so the analogy works for you too and for those who love it and hate it which may to some degree be everybody who lives according to that life/lifestyle or way of life! This is revolutionary shit! Like I should be aided or assisted by someone to bring forth truth! People should be interviewing me! Some of the stuff you all consider as crazy, some of the unconventional things I do or say, or think, is actually a cure or antidote for a lot of the sickness or stressful situations in the world! Try embracing ''aobuoijdak bag love, bove, clove, dove'' and things like that instead of bashing it! I'm helping people free themselves from the fear of themselves! and you all are working to try to destroy me! that's crazy! Let me be me and let the process just work out smoothly! Why keep fighting it? What? You're going to make the excuse that I'm hurting business? No, I'm helping business! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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slave analogy works hate degree lives lifestyle life revolutionary shit aided assisted bring truth interviewing stuff unconventional cure antidote lot sickness stressful situations world embracing aobuoijdak bag love bove clove dove bashing people free fear working destroy crazy process work smoothly fighting excuse hurting helping business joshua aaron guillory

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