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Twist according to some translations means to ''support'', ''help'', ''aid'', or ''save by turning from one direction or circumstance to another.'' Some of the things you've done in life that were or are considered bad saved you from a future time if you wouldn't have learned your lesson earlier; or it helped you get out of a situation to a better situation by doing that which is commonly considered to be wrong or bad. You bumped your head on the table and you learned if you don't watch out for the table you could feel the hurt again! It turned you from doing it again - or being cautious of doing it again! And or it helped you learn the pain to warn others to watch out for the table! or to some degree what to expect if they bump into it and to what extent of them bumping into it, which innately they may already know. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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twist translations means support aid save turning direction circumstance life saved future time lesson earlier situation commonly considered wrong bad bumped head learned feel hurt turned cautious helped learn pain warn watch table degree expect bump extent bumping innately joshua aaron guillory

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