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Universal Peace! Where and When all worlds are world peace! united, uniting, and in union, Conversations with Josh and Deismonion (Part 13 of 15) Deismonion: Yes, Yes, Yessssssssssssss, indeed! We can think spells! Use silence as our spells! Breath what we think, say what we think! And as I've mentioned, think what we say! This has and always will be done! We are free and free forever! I love the musical harmony [of] our cells, sounds, voices, words, expressions and thoughts make! And I love being light! Transforming and being light! I love the perfect divide unity! The perfect perfect unity! or perfect unity unity! Beast, god, divinity, man are one! as one! anyone! All lights are light! Invisible, visible, physical! We see all things and are all things! We have machines for seeing into the zillionness! We have our minds, they themselves are machines! All machines are natural! Natural is all machines!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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