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War bring not only scar, even love we seek too, Mankind engaged not only in war but love too, seeker, Mankind disengaged when seeking for duty, peace, love, war also, when earthquake's ripple, our love rift and shift, as observer, Truly we depart for what differ in desire but not craving peace, Let disengage in feet if for truth, let engaged in mind for truth, For our identity, duty, love, religion are commitment to Supreme, Our pleasure in duty is forever, our religion is commitment to truth, Custodian of day is sun to universe, a believer's duty is Solat to Allah, Guardian of night is moon in beauty, to cluster of believers are sacred written, Determination change them to stallions that rear up to conquer with faith, when hooves bond in war without startling, its smashed the sun to moon, Through you, through me, the duty is done when engaged with faith, Without justify our pleasure, let disengage from false to truth.
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bring scar seek seeker mankind disengaged seeking earthquake ripple rift shift observer depart differ desire craving peace feet mind identity love supreme religion commitment custodian day universe believer solat allah guardian night beauty cluster believers sacred written determination change stallions rear conquer hooves bond war startling smashed sun moon duty engaged faith justify pleasure disengage false truth

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