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We must get back to realizing truth! We must know that empty space is space. And empty space is everywhere. You can put a table somewhere, but that space is still there! Outer space is a control mechanism employed by many science and religious or political communities. Sometimes it may be innocent but other times it is control! Just like heaven and earth! Earth is heaven and heaven is earth! Everything in the universe is heaven! Enjoy the heaven you live in! Every dimension is a form of heaven! And there are an infinite dimensions! So much time is being wasted, although time is immortal and infinite, ha-ha! People are wasting their time by playing stupid games, although all stupid games work for some intelligent truth - purpose or truth! World peace should be the only real or true thing in your mind! You shouldn't even think you're really pure or honest without believing or having confidence in world peace! That it is really a reality! or truth! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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