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What's evil? What's bad? According to the Greek word ''poneros'' it means ''pain'' or ''unpleasant work or labor.'' So relative to this term, pain is bad or evil. For some the ''workforce'' or ''forced or legally controlled work'' is bad! or particular kinds. And according to 1300 English it meant ''inadequate, unsatisfactory, worthless, or unfortunate.'' Bad therefore would mean relative inadequacy, dissatisfaction, worthlessness, or misfortune. Because what might be inadequate for you may be complete and fulfilling for another. What may be worthless to you may be valuable or purposeful for another. What may seem unfortunate to you may be perceived as fortunate or necessary for another. His perception may be optimistic regarding the situation or matter. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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greek word poneros means unpleasant labor term pain evil workforce forced legally controlled work kinds 1300 english meant unsatisfactory bad relative inadequacy dissatisfaction worthlessness misfortune inadequate complete fulfilling worthless valuable purposeful unfortunate perceived fortunate perception optimistic situation matter joshua aaron guillory

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