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When are we going to start being honest? When are we going to start telling how we truly feel? When is the Christian going to admit he doesn't always enjoy himself when he's at church? When are people going to stop seeing only the bad in people that do things they don't like? When are we going to stop pretending that love is not apart of hate? When are we going to stop trying to disprove people we don't agree with or dislike? When will older people start being true role models? When will pastors start rebuking parents for bad parenting and not just children for bad behavior? When will pastors start seeking the true cause for family dysfunction? When will I stop having to stand up for truth on my own? - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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honest telling feel christian admit enjoy church pretending love hate disprove agree dislike older people role models rebuking parents parenting children bad behavior pastors start seeking true family dysfunction stop stand truth joshua aaron guillory

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