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When I said that people should not go out & start killing, those who are called & chosen for world peace, how would that relate to animal killing? If someone were to try to ask or trap me into that, how would I respond? Well, first thing is that relative to my intention for that, in the last quote, is for us not to go out & start murdering human beings! Second, I spoke of us living in the perfect state of or world peace where we could both go without food and we could clone or make something of the like of animal food in harmony with nature! Third, the question would be asked to you/them, do we kill animals every minute of every single day? Which would imply time! & someone might say yeah, as a whole! & some might say even as an individual! One might even say nature kills! What would I say to that? World peace is everything! World peace in the perfect state of it there is no need to kill! We live in world peace in the perfect state many times throughout the day! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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people called chosen relate killing trap respond relative intention start murdering human beings spoke living clone animal food harmony question asked animals minute single imply time yeah individual nature kills kill live world peace perfect state times day joshua aaron guillory

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