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(World Peace 2 of 3) And another thing, you White people talk about Blacks being so loud and uncouth or ghetto, and I heard and saw some White guy that looked like he was connected to Karen [Apt. 3], or some White person around my apartment, that was making a lot of loud and angry noises like he wanted to kill somebody [he had a White car]! And it looked like he left his girlfriend or a White woman and may have come back for her! And I think the remedy to this is them and many of you people, not just Whites, having more cuddle time and bitchly weakly sex! Thanks! And I hope the guy didn't scratch my car with his car door! He was opening it many times in rage! This happened around 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM! And he was closely parked to mine! And... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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world peace talk blacks uncouth ghetto heard connected karen apt person apartment making lot loud angry noises wanted kill looked left girlfriend white woman remedy people whites cuddle time bitchly weakly sex hope guy scratch car door opening times rage happened closely parked joshua aaron guillory

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