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[World peace, Idiot, Idiocy, hope 10 of 19] Of course the good we do for others is also done for ourselves in some way or another! Does it not feel good to a mother to feed her child rather than having it starve? The mother does it for the child and for herself because she loves the child and she loves her inner peace and goodness [or herself, which is herself]! That is, of course, a mother operating at world peace level! or at her world peace level! When did I see this quote attached to my name Joshua Aaron Guillory, who shall know? But I'm dealing with the matter as a brother in truth! Now as i write or type this! There are many other [good] things I have done for people and are doing for people and will continue [to do for people and creation] that if anyone was to write of it [or right of it fully and completely] it would take eternity and the words or records infinity! I am forever! World peace is my name! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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idiot idiocy hope feel feed starve child loves goodness mother operating level attached dealing matter brother truth type good continue people creation write fully completely eternity words records infinity world peace joshua aaron guillory

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