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[World peace, Idiot, Idiocy, hope 12 of 19] Let me likewise deal with my saying ''I hope the guy didn't scratch my car with his car door.'' Some might say in reference to that of the Judas quote of allowing the enemies to do what they do! Who said that this guy was an enemy? And who said that hoping was just for me and not for him and or not for him in relation or reference to me? Hope can mean ''confidence in the future''! I am confident in world peace doing what it will do now and in the future! And what it is doing now in harmony [with and] or for the future! HO and PE! ''Ho'' in the Greek would mean ''the''! or could mean ''the''! And Pe could be ''Pe/Pey/Pa! the Canaanite symbol for an open mouth! Which could mean that I'm ''open'' to ''the'' possibilities of what could happen to the guy if he scratched my car!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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idiot idiocy deal scratch door judas allowing enemies enemy hoping relation reference hope confidence confident world peace harmony future greek pey canaanite symbol mouth open possibilities happen guy scratched car joshua aaron guillory

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