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[World peace, Idiot, Idiocy, hope 15 of 19] The truth is - society, you can never beat me? And you never beating me must be applied to the infinity of meanings and situation and truths and or games or dreams you play or life plays forever? Or the life play forever! Can I not be the HO PE or ''the opening up'' for all of you to come to salvation! Can I hope he didn't or does not scratch my car for his peace? Can I hope he doesn't or didn't scratch my car for my peace? Can I still have peace even if he scratches my car? Am I not many thoughts? And I not one or in unity or harmony with all my thoughts? Which thought or thoughts of me are you talking to now? - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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world idiot idiocy truth society beat beating applied infinity meanings situation truths games dreams plays life play opening salvation hope scratch peace scratches car unity harmony thought thoughts talking joshua aaron guillory

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