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[World peace, Idiot, Idiocy, hope 17 of 19] What are you gonna do now, people? What are you gonna do now, searchquotes? What are you gonna do now, poemhunter? What are you gonna do now, ownquotes? What are you gonna do now, legalism? Are you real or fake, legalism? Why am I talking to that which is fake? Can it be real? Is it real? Am I fake for [or to] talking to the fake? Was Jesus fake for talking to the fake? Was Jesus fake? Is the spirit or consciousness or concept of Jesus real or fake? Is man fake if they have the consciousness? Are they not sons of man? And the son of Man or Christ? Are they not Christ Consciousness, whether they know it or agree to it or not? Is what the Devil calls the church really God? [Is what the church calls the Devil really God?] Sometimes? No times? Few times? All the time? In one degree? Some degree? Few degrees? Many degrees? Some degrees? All degrees? All degree?... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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world peace idiot idiocy hope people searchquotes poemhunter ownquotes gonna legalism talking spirit concept jesus real fake sons son man christ consciousness agree church calls devil god times time degrees degree joshua aaron guillory

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