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You can't fake a belief, either you believe or you don't! You're going to eventually manifest those beliefs. You can't compete with me by getting jealous of me and hope that you not only believe what I believe to equal me but also some illusionary greater belief than me to surpass me in intelligence. You're going to manifest what you believe. If you believe you're free from karma, then you're going to tap into a mentality that frees you from it. You can't get mad at me and still believe in karma and not expect to suffer from it, or the evil or so-called evil that you put out and produce. There's always a law of karma within all of us. If I cleanse my body, my body will be clean. I cleaned my body and therefore I reaped cleanliness. I fasted so many times in the past, that I reaped the spiritual discipline or liberation from or of it! You tap into perfect peace you're going to reap perfect peace. Believe what you believe because what you believe is what you believe.Joshua Aaron Guillory
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fake eventually beliefs compete jealous hope equal illusionary greater belief surpass intelligence manifest free mentality frees mad expect suffer called evil produce law karma cleanse clean cleaned body cleanliness fasted times reaped spiritual discipline liberation tap reap perfect peace joshua aaron guillory

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