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You're far beautiful than a tiger when angry, Your heart shaken than world windows striving with storm, If tomatoes are red, your eyes equal when envy, Your chest far more to say to be charcoal in form, You hate to be two talk less of more when Allah will, Your fluffy bed of cotton twist to an ironic love, And kitchen so lonely to filled stomach when you will, Sometimes insist you love but less than before to prove, But your love can't diminish like snow indeed by Allah, Nor my feet cease to your door to be equal, my love, Nor I give others pleasure without yours to intact my deen ah, To women of believer under lote tree in paradise, my love, Seek your Allah with sabr than erosion of love, Join me to conquer devil us in heart with patience.
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beautiful tiger angry shaken world windows striving storm tomatoes red eyes envy chest charcoal form hate talk fluffy bed cotton twist ironic kitchen lonely filled stomach insist prove diminish snow feet cease door equal give pleasure intact deen women believer lote tree paradise seek allah sabr erosion love join conquer devil heart patience

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