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You're not to die from root of faith, Oh! confidant, Let her go if she disbelief of future while you strive, Unfaithful love not a mirror but disabled basket that never endure to hold tomatoes, loads, its willows untie. Most beautiful place to sleep is mind if one patience only, and worse than spike bed to be delightful depend on hypocrite, When she betrayed you for another one, jar garden butterfly, For untrue she is when it flutter about little distress time. Never be in hazy mind that closed are beautiful minds, there be a time so scare pious butterfly when you seek, True many at spring but few when battle with autumn days, You now find true love pollinates while withstand break. Let yourself see love as nothing till autumn of ages, Where you see difference in purity of beauty of others.
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die root faith confidant disbelief future strive unfaithful mirror disabled basket endure hold tomatoes loads willows untie place sleep patience worse spike bed delightful depend hypocrite betrayed jar garden untrue flutter distress hazy mind closed beautiful minds time scare pious butterfly seek spring battle days find true pollinates withstand break love autumn ages difference purity beauty

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