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You taught me right from wrong, instilled faith to make me strong. You held my hand through it all, from the time I started to crawl. Church on Sundays we'd never miss, wishing me well, with a kiss. Our shopping sprees, were so much fun, and our family beach days, in the sun. Your blessed heart is the most caring, our love for each other is everlasting. Your beauty and image I see, is a mirror looking back at me. Wedding tears of joy you cried, you said I made a beautiful bride. In my heart you'll forever be, my one and only, mama and me. Miranda Zekanovic
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taught wrong instilled faith strong held hand time started crawl church sundays wishing kiss shopping sprees fun family beach days sun blessed caring love everlasting beauty image mirror wedding tears joy cried beautiful bride heart mama miranda zekanovic

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Ccerasoli on March 6, 2015, 3:32 pm
Wow what a nice poem. It encompasses your whole life with your mom. God bless her!

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