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Conversations with Josh and Jocelyn (4 of 32) Jocelyn: You said it best, Josh! as always! And credit is something the capitalistic society believes in! credit cards! Having good credit! Credentials, etc.! But they don't mind and will extenuate or placate themselves with some religious devotion or purpose! or governmental devotion or purpose! which is pathetic! Josh: Yeah pathetic can be derived from ''pathos'' and ''addic/addict'' or ''attic/attick''! Pathos can mean ''suffering'' or ''feeling'' or ''desire''! Some people are addicted to suffering or causing other people suffering! It's like they desire to see hurt in the world! They have a heart for hurt! Instead of a heart not to see hurt! or ''injury'', which can mean ''injustice''! Jury and justice are related!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations jocelyn capitalistic society believes cards good credit credentials mind extenuate placate religious governmental devotion purpose josh yeah pathetic derived addic addict attic attick pathos feeling addicted causing people suffering desire world heart hurt injury injustice jury justice related joshua aaron guillory

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